Bocce Ball

Divide players into two teams of one, two or four players each. Each team gets four balls, divided equally among the players. A coin toss determines who will play first. To start the game have a player from the starting team stand behind the foul line (which is 10 feet from the throwing end of the court) and throw the small ball, or "pallina," toward the opposite end of the playing surface. The same person who tossed the Pallino then throws the one Bocce Ball trying to get it as close to the Pallino as possible without touching it. The next team then throws one ball trying to get closer than the first team. If team two gets closer, then it is Team one's turn. If Team Two's ball does not come closer then they continue to throw until they get a ball closer to the Pallino or until they are out of balls. Then Team One throws the reminder of their bocce balls. REMEMBER: you can knock your opponent's balls away from the Pallino to increase your score. The team with the closest ball gets one point for each of its balls that are closer to the pallina than the other team's closest ball. Keep in mind that if the two teams' closest balls are an equal distance from the pallina, no points are awarded. End the frame after all eight balls have been thrown and appropriate points have been awarded. The scoring team begins the next frame. If no team previously scored, the team that threw the pallina last begins the next frame. Play as many frames as needed until one team has a total score of 16 points.