OgoDisk-Mezo Hand Trampoline Game. Endless, inventive fun for adults and children alike! Bounce, catch and throw balls up to 150 ft. Each OgoDisk is 15" in diameter Made from an EVA foam ring and a nylon-spandex membrane center Includes two hand trampolines and a ball For ages 3 and up Cool fun on a summer's day and a blast at the pool or beach. Get outside and just start playing with OgoDisk. It's the sports toy you can do just about anything with in the backyard or in the water. Each OgoDisk hand trampoline changes the game of catch--bounce and throw balls up to 150 ft. away. Find a net, and you can play a new kind of volleyball, badminton, paddleball or tennis. Take it to the pool with water balloons (it floats) or toss it in the air like a flying disk. Make up your own games with the OgoSoft ball or any ball you like! Anyone can play--it's hours of fun for kids and big kids too! OgoDisk hand trampolines have large target areas and springy elastic mesh centers with just enough 'give' to make them easy to play with. The colorful OgoSoft ball is light and kid-friendly, great for indoors and out. The awesome OgoDisk hand trampoline game is the latest craze in outdoor fun. Order yours from Brookstone today. Warning: Not to be used as a flotation device.