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Battle Cry: 15 Epic Battles-and You are In Command! Step back in time and lead your armies in 15 classic Civil War battles. Match wits with such great American generals as Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, "Fighting Joe" Hooker, and "Stonewall" Jackson. Maneuver your infantry, artillery, and cavalry across the customizable game board representing the actual features from each battlefield. Battle Cry elegantly recreates the greatest clashes of the Civil War. Players use cards to order their units to move and attack. With a few simple rules, Battle Cry neatly captures the generals' problems of trying to command massive armies across miles of battlefield, and the opportunities for sudden action that can turn near-defeat into victory.

Category: Strategy game, more on the medium side.

Time to play: about 60 minutes to play

# of players: 2