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Dragonheart: Dragons, knights, trolls, princesses, dwarves, and other fantasy characters make up the world of Dragonheart. Dragons are searching for treasure, of course, but they're being pursued by dragon hunters, and those are the two sides that face off in this game. On a turn, a player plays one or more cards with the same motif, then refills his hand to five cards. The cards are always played onto the part of the game board that has the same motif. By laying out cards, a player collects point cards that are already present. This is how the dragon collects treasure cards, for example, but the third dragon hunter defeats the dragon, while a second knight protects the princess. Other combinations await the players, and whoever collects the most points wins.

Category: Strategy card game, light to medium weight game, easy to learn.

Time to play: about 30 minutes

# of players: 2