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Knock Out

Knockout: As the newest pug on the block, you're ready to sock the next lug to enter the ring with you. The wise heads have finally let you challenge the champ and it's up to you to prove that you can sing that sweet chin music with the best.
This is a knock-down, drag-out slugfest from designer Fréderic Moyersoen that only one fighter can win; the last man standing takes home the dough and the dames.
Maybe once you've beaten back the roundheels in the one-off brawls, you can go on to fight in the bigger tournaments...

Category: card game with an old school boxing theme. Uses a hand management mechanic. Easy instructions easy to learn and easy to play. For the novice gamer and above. This game is a lot of fun, you can actually feel yourself in a ring in the 1800’s slugging it out, pretty cool.

Time to play: about 30 minutes

# of players: 2-4