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Phoenicia: Empires rise and fall. In the buffer areas and crossroads between civilizations, however, a clever ruler can sometimes adopt new ideas, establish trade, and found a city state -- such as the great Phoenician cities of Tyre and Sidon -- that will outlast many neighbouring empires. Phoenicia is about building an empire worthy of an entry into the annals of time. You must build up your economy and increase your population whilst holding all others at bay. You will be challenged by your neighbouring countries to the next technology advancement that will help you to feed your population.

Category: strategy board game with a ancient civilization economic theme. Has an auction bidding mechanic to it. Fair amount of instructions. Not too hard to learn but you may have to play it a couple of times to get it. I haven’t played it yet so not sure what else to say about it. Looks good though.

Time to play: about 95 minutes

# of players: 2-5