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Sequence: The game is for two or three players or teams. If more than three play, the players divide themselves into two or three teams of equal numbers. The rules dictate how many cards each player gets according to the number playing.
In turn, a player will discard a card and place a colored chip representing one's own side on either of the two matching spaces if available. There are no Jacks on the game board. Two-eyed Jacks are "wild" and allow the player to place a chip on any space. One-eyed Jacks allow a player to remove the chip of an opponent,
With two teams or players the winner is the one who gets two sequences of five-in-a-row chips. With the three players or teams the winner is the one who gets one five-in-a-row sequence.

Category: family card board game. Easy to learn and easy to play. Not a lot of strategy, but it’s really a fun game. We enjoy playing this one a bunch. You don’t have to think much and it can play pretty fast. For the novice gamer and above

Time to play: about 30 minutes minutes

# of players: 2-6