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In the HAWAIIAN RESIDENT MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE you get your choice of either:
˜ 2 board games
˜ 1 board game & 2 card games
˜ 4 card games
So you can choose one of those three. I will also try to put in at least one expansion for any base game you may rent, if the base game has expansions.

You have a choice of membership length:
˜ 3 month
˜ 6 month
˜ 9 month
˜ 12 month memberships

How it works is this......

1. Pay for you Hawaiian Resident Membership package. Then fill out the BOARD GAME AND IPAD ORDER form

2. After you fill out the form we will ship out the first two, or three/four games, depending on what you ordered. The rest of your games will be 'queued' for you, and you'll see the 'que' list at the bottom of the order form. The Ipad will be shipped with your first shipment of games as well. There will be a prepaid return postage along with the box, so keep the box and return postage to return the games. There will be a prepaid return envelope for the Ipad. You get to keep the Ipad only for 1 week, and will be charged extra if you keep it longer.

3. When you're done with the games, just mail them back to us, in the same box that we sent them in. When we receive the games back at our shop, we will then ship out the next games in your que, along with an Ipad loaded with your new content that you want us to put on it.

4. You can change your que list at any time by filling out the BOARD GAME AND IPAD ORDER form.

5. You get the Ipad one week/month, after the one week is up, ship it back in the envelope that will be included in the boardgame package. See below for what you can put on the Ipad. Fill out the BOARD GAME AND IPAD ORDER form out every month and we'll load up your Ipad with all your goodies :) We hope you enjoy!!

The membership prices are as follows:
3 month membership pricing: ($52/month)
6 month membership pricing: ($50.00/month)
9 month membership pricing: ($48.00/month)
12 month membership pricing: ($46.00/month)

The Ipad with your membership

With the iPad you get to choose from:
24 apps
24 music albums
3 e-books
6 movies/tv shows
6 magazines
10 comic books
3 podcasts.


We will be giving away one board/card game a month when we reach 60 members. With that, you will get your name in the drawing once with a 3 month membership, your name in the drawing twice with a 6 month membership, 3 times with a 9 month membership and 4 times with a 12 month membership.

Other Member Perks (Maui Residents/Visitors Only)

If you are a resident of Maui, you get an added benefit to your membership. Once you purchase a package you will receive a "discount code" that gets you 15% off any rental of casino games, premium games, karaoke, beach games/accessories, or Vegas Golf Game poker chips. Also, recieve 15% off any time you use our services for a party or an event.