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4/20/2017 UPDATE 9:46am Hawaii Time

Once again, it's been a long time since I've given an update. There's been a lot of new board games added to our inventory, and we also have a lot more board games on sell.At a gaming group I go to, we tried out a new game called Automobiles. Defintely going to buy this one. Also, tried Grand Austria Hotel a few more times, and it's a good game!! Also, I got my copy of Food Chain Magnate in, and am very eager to give this one a go.

9/4/2016 UPDATE 6:41am Hawaii Time

Once again, it's been a long time since I've given an update. There's been a lot of new board games added to our inventory. Me and friend Danny played some games over Christmas and New Years. Some new games we tried were, Snowdonia, Castles of Burgundy, Grand Austria Hotel, and some others. Also, we're selling board game directly now. There is a new page added to our website for sellling board games directly. Check it out here. The following pictures are of Snowdownia, Saloon Tycoon, and Castles of Burgundy.

7/21/2016 UPDATE 10:39am Hawaii Time

So, it's been a long time since i've given any updates. We got a lot of new inventory in the board game department, and I mean a lot of new board games!!

4/27/2016 UPDATE 11:09 Hawaiian Time

1. Not a whole lot to report as of late. Still ordering some new board games. Have also ordered up a 'cornhole' set. So you now have the option of renting a cornhole game if you would like to do so.

3/24/2016 UPDATE 8:20 Hawaiian Time

1. Recently, the new goings on here at Island Games and Entertainment is that we have added a hammock to the beach items available for rent. Check it out on your "beach games" page.

3/16/2016 8:33pm Hawaii time UPDATE

1. Recently we got our casino rental page up and running. We should be receiving casino rental equipment shortly. We have everything you need for a night of black jack, craps, roulette, and a fun little roulette drinking game!
2. We didn't really have anything for all you golfers out there, and I wanted to change that. So, with that said, we're offering the "Vegas High Roller Casino Golf Game". We also have the booster packs as well. These vegas chips will definitely add some fun and humor into your game of golf. You can bet using money or just for fun. Either way I highly recommend these to spruce up the day of golf!
3. The last bit of update is that we have added "beach chairs", "beach umbrellas", and "beach light speed shelters" in our invetory of items to rent. Those can be found on our 'beach games/accessories' web page.

3/09/2016 7:00pm Hawaii time UPDATE

1. We have recently added Seeland to our collection of games for rent.
2. Also, Saga is one of the best comic book series right now. We have issues 1-33 available to read on iPad. Go ahead and rent an iPad and choose some cool comic books!
3. We have so many apps to choose from it's hard to narrow down which ones to choose. We really like 'Think Like Churchill'. We also recently added "Patchwork" ios board game and "Brass" ios board game to our ios app collection.

3/03/2016 9:20pm Hawaii time UPDATE

1. We have recently added Mage Wars to our collection of games for rent.
2. If you like X-Men, here's your chance to read every single issue of Uncanny X-Men from issue 1 - 600. Rent out an iPad or get a membership today. Mahalo.

2/23/2016 9:31am Hawaii time UPDATE

1. Got the forms back up and running. I decided to just use one form for the 'Vacation Package(s)' instead of individual forms for each package.

2/22/2016 8:05 Hawaii time UPDATE

1. Doing a lot of updates on the website, (don't laugh at my cheesy picture, haha). I still have to put in a lot of the individual board game pages, but I have all games up on the site with their calendars. Check it out and let me know what you think. I'll take all the feedback I can get. Mahalo, Jared.

2/22/2016 6:05 Hawaii time UPDATE

1. Just got Code Names in tonight. This is a really great party game. It's rated very high on BGG. Simple game with simple rules.

2/22/2016 UPDATE

1. Four more games have arrived. I'm really excited to try 'For the Crown'. It's a different take on the classic game chess.

2/21/2016 UPDATE

1. We have recently added two games to our already overflowing inventory:

Both are good games!

2. Also, at our board game group last night, I was very fortunate to meet a WWII survivor and it was so fascinating listening to his stories of his liberation from a concentration camp. May we not forget the men and women who sacrificed their lives to save the freedoms for us all!! That's one of the cool things about board gaming, the people you meet and the experiences that you have. Sure the games are fun and all, but it's always the people that really make it fun and interesting!

2/19/2016 UPDATE

1. We are now excepting payments through both Authorize.net and Square.
2. If you would like to call in an order you may do so.

2/11/2016 UPDATE

1. We received the karaoke machine yesterday and it looks and works great!! It just arrived yesterday.

2. Also, we have added some new board games into our inventory.

3. Some new games that will be arriving shortly are: That's all the updates for now.

2/2/2016 UPDATE

1. As of 2/2/2016 we recently purchased a top of the line karaoke machine for our patrons. We feel you'll be really pleased with this high end karaoke machine. It should be arriving at the end of this week.

2. We have also added about 100 new board games in the past six months. We currently now have over 500 board games in our inventory!!

3. We have added the option to buy a board/card game after you have rented it, and part of the rental price will go towards the purchase of the board/card game. So, if you really like one of the games that you've rented now's your chance to own it!

4. Also, we added the option to purchase an iPad after renting it, and part of the rental price will also go towards the purchase of the iPad.